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Playlisted media player is non HW intensive playout tool witch uses one of monitors or any HDMI consumers like HDMI to SDI convertors or HDMI switcher inputs as an output. Screens are managed in menu > View > Screen manager, where you click reload, than select the start X location of intended output consumer. The program uses Windows media player as a playout engine, so it doesn't support .mxf formats, and the output window cannot be grabbed with OBS (you can only grab the whole screen). If you have PC with good HW and just want a free playout SW try CasparCG (I recommend Redcast client) CasparCG output window can be grabbed with OBS, can output to DeckLink cards, and also plays much more formats than this player (like .mxf etc.)

Currently known bugs in Playlisted media player 2018.4

  1. Crash when user tries to play unsupported formats

Discontinued! (Sorry, but this app has been discontinued so it's not going to get any more patches in near future)

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