Solution for tally in OBS Studio

using Windows app, OBS websocket and Arduino

Note: This is a .NET app and only runs on Windows

How to install

  1. Connect LEDs to your Arduino
    Scene 1 is PIN 12, Scene 2, 11, 3-10, 4-9 (pin 8 is for "out of range")
    For preview use PINs 7, 6, 5, 4 (and pin 3 is for preview "out of range")
  2. Download this zip
  3. Unzip it and upload content from "toArduino" folder to your Arduino
  4. If not done before, install obs-websocket plugin to OBS
  5. Run the app in "toOBSComputer" folder
  6. Go through setup (enter names of your scenes and websocket password) IMPORTANT NOTE: the app won't work without password in websocket
  7. Select COM port your Arduino is connected to
  8. ENJOY!

test: driverino

Project files (source code)

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